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This battery alert notification app is extremely handy to alert you while charging phone and on low battery.
Besides being an exquisite low battery notification alarm, it also gives a high temperature warning based on your settings.

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App Features

Uniquely designed and easy onboarding process

Multiple types of Alerts

Voice / Alarm / Notification

Battery Information

Technology , Voltage , Temperature

Temperature Alert

Support warning for Temperature levels

Historical Charts

Battery Charge and Temperature charts

Easy to Use

Easy onboarding for first time user

Awesome design

Awesome design and color for app

Multiple Language Supports

Supports multiple languages for App and Voice

Less Battery Consumption

Consumes very less battery

Coming Soon Features

We are adding more features and more languages support in futures.

Battery Stats Comparison with same model

Support cloud data storage and comparison with other user’s devices.

App Usage

Show App Usage and other details

Battery Stats

Show Battery stats with all details

Google Home and Alexa support

Integration with Google Home and Alexa for Battery alerts

Cloud storage

Store user battery stats on cloud data

More Langauges Support

Support multiple countries support



Please select the FAQ for issues with details.

Please check the below details

  • With Android Feature to reduce app size Google delivers apk based each device configuration.
  • Don't install app from other devices as configuration will be different and app will not work.
  • Always download app from Google Play Store.

  • Voice alert uses internally Google-Text-Speech library app.
  • So, if it's not working please check the below Google App on your mobile device.
  • Install Google Text-To-Speech
  • Note : Text-To-Speech may require Internet connection to download language data if missing on your device.
  • Please turn on wifi/internet connection before validate
  • We have observed Android 8 mobile users has issues without internet connectivity
  • Samsung mobile can use Google-Text-To-Speech if issue with default samsung voice engine.
  • Setting -> Language input -> Text to speech -> Google Text-to-speech

Once this app has installed please follow below steps to validate setup for selected language.
  • Open App Settings
  • Click on Validate Setup
  • Follow the instructions

  • From App Version 2.00.23 above provides links to download voice language data to support voice alert without Internet.
  • Open App Settings and "Other" section
  • Click the link to download data : "Click here to download Voice Language Data"
  • Select Voice Language and download data
  • Click on "Validate Setup"
  • Follow the instructions if any issues

Alarm notification will not work if you haven't selected proper ringtone.

  • Open App Settings and Battery Alert section
  • Disable the Notification Type : Voice
  • Enable Notification Type : Alarm
  • Click on "Custom Alarm Ringtone"
  • If Mobile has ringtones and not using external storage ringtones then don't give permission for external storage.
  • If you mobile has ringtones, please select the longer time playing ringtone.

Once this setup completes please validate setup

  • Collapse Battery Alert Section
  • Click on Validate Setup
  • Follow the instructions
  • Please make sure that Notification running with status "Battery Health : Good"
  • If notification not running then app will not work.
  • Please give the permission for app to show notification if blocked from Settings.
  • Please exclude this app from any task killer programs.
  • If still has issue please send the send the mail to cool.apps.email@gmail.com
  • NOTICE FOR XIAOMI, OPPO USERS: In the security settings given by Xiaomi & Oppo default, please include the app for auto start.
  • In some phones, you need to turn on auto start option in background run setting.
  • Please check the issue App is not working on XIAOMI, OPPO mobiles for more details.
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